Saturday, June 11, 2011

I can't post comments, so I assume others have the same problem ... ?

It seems that Google, errr Blogger, is have some kind of issue that prevents me from leaving comments on this blog and others, too. It's been a "known issue" for some time, and they incorrectly report it "fixed." Apparently it's preventing me from even reporting it!!

*Ah, technology!*


Okay ... I *wish* I'd thought to do that sooner. Switching to Google Chrome "fixed" the problem. Nice marketing strategy, Google!

I've edited this post to remove the "e-mail me your comments" content, but I'll leave the rest up in case others are experiencing the same problem.



Pete B


  1. Okay. This works here. I'll try some other blogs.

    So Blogger doesn't like IE ... !

    Ah, technology!!

  2. Something Blogger and I have in common...I typically use Chrome, or Firefox in a pinch.

  3. Thanks, Lisa. Chrome from now on, I guess!

  4. Hi pete,
    what worked for me, i have a Google ID and i unchecked the "stay signed in" box. first you write your comment, then you get the box where you sign in. if you uncheck that little box (so you stay signed in all the time) you can comment. otherwise you get into a loop and your comment will be deleted every time.


    delete all your cookies and history... sometimes that helps too..

    Good luck!

  5. Thank you, Leontien. Everything seems to be working ...

  6. Testing commenting using Firefox 4.0.1

  7. testing from Firefox 4.0.1

  8. Thanks, everyone. I can now comment on my own and other's blogs with IE, Chrome, and Firefox.

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