Sunday, May 13, 2018

Ruminati Poet

I'm in the midst of a very busy season of travel. I was on my way home recently when I got a wonderfully encouraging e-mail. I met Betty and Byron at a talk I'd given recently at the Pharo Cattle Company Spring Bull Sale in Southwest Missouri. They've begun their own low-carb journey and are enjoying the results completely predictable benefits. Still, it's nice to hear of the positive changes that happen in people's lives. What I didn't know is that Betty is a cowboy poet. She sent me her poem about the dietary debacle we've been embroiled in for the last half century and a solution more people should know about. She also told me that she's given a presentation to a local group on the topic! Glad to have Betty and Bryan in the Ruminati herd!

"Bring Back Good Eating!"
By Betty Burlingham

The government told us to lay off the butter
And for heaven's sake, don't buy the cream!
Mazola Oil and Dream Whip should be
The new American dream.
All animal fat will harm you,
And it will make you fat.
If you keep on eating bacon and eggs,
You'll have a heart attack!

The government said that beef
Was the most hazardous meat of all.
Americans should give it up,
Or keep their portions very small.
They said, Beef should be a garnish,
A portion is just 3 oz. on a plate.
And be sure you do not grill it
Or cancer will be your fate!

Ever since the government told us,
How it is that we should eat,
We just keep on getting fatter,
Many of us are now obese.
We can't afford our medical care,
Since so many of us are ill.
The government says, Stay on their diet
And take the newest pharmaceutical pill.

But haven't they lied to us before,
And won't they do it again?
So eat your beef, your bacon and eggs,
And soon you will be thin.
Your blood profile and A1C
Will all get back in line.
You're sure to have the time of your life,
While you're still in your prime!