Sunday, February 4, 2018

Podcast Roundup

It occurred to me that I should assemble a list of the podcasts that I've appeared on. Here's as complete a list as I can produce. If I've omitted one, I sincerely apologize. Please let me know and I'll add it. Thank you to all the hosts who asked me to be a part of your programs!

Here's the first part of a conversation I had with Jimmy on his Inner Fire Podcast (Jan 3, 2018) - Thanks, Jimmy! Here's the "sequel"

Ketovangelist Episode 135 – Dr. Peter Ballerstedt discusses sustainable keto. By Brian Williamson

Future of Ag (Tim Hammerich) Future of Agriculture – A Ruminant Revolution with Dr. Peter Ballerstedt 11/1/2017

Keto Geek Aug 10, 2017
Peter Defty's Food for Thought - 29. Food Politics with Adele Hite and Peter Ballerstedt July 25, 2017

Break Nutrition Episode 18 – Peter Ballerstedt PhD: better nutrition through sustainable agriculture June 27, 2017

With Trent Loos on Rural Route Radio Feb 14, 2017 – (file)

An enjoyable conversation with IvorCummins @FatEmperor Sep 15, 2016

Peter Defty Food for Thought - 17. OFM & the Ruminant Revolution! November 10, 2016

Power Athlete Radio – Episode 152: Peter Ballerstedt with John Welbourn April 22, 2016
Mr. N=1 - Interview with Dr. Peter Ballerstedt, December 30, 2014