Thursday, October 22, 2020

Podcasts and Interviews


I've appeared on a number of podcasts over past several years. Thanks to all the hosts! I'll update this list with new appearances (and as I find any I may have missed...).

<If you're not already familiar with these podcasts, please check them out.>


Sodfather playlists (some different content) Spotify | YouTube

Individual podcast interviews.


"The Sodfather Cometh," The Fatty Joe Show, Episode #9. Oct 19 2020 Spotify | YouTube

"Ruminant nutrition/Forage agriculture" (and some other ruminations), Become your own Superhero presents! Become your own Superhero. Sep 30 2020
    Episode 1 of 2 Spotify | YouTube 
    Episode 2 of 2 Spotify |

MeatRx Community VIP MeatRx. Jul 21 2020. Spotify | YouTube

Low Carb MD Podcast, Episode 99. Apr 1 2020. Spotify

"Ruminant Meat and Agriculture," The Ancestral Mind Podcast, Episode 55. Feb 28 2020. Spotify


"Grass-Fed or Grain-Finished," LowCarbUSA Podcast, Episode 28. Nov 2019. Spotify | YouTube

"Meat and Climate Change and Human Health - What is the Story?" The Fat Emperor Podcast, Episode 44. Nov 2019. Spotify

“Agriculture and the Environment with Dr. Ballerstedt.” Fitness Confidential Podcast with Vinnie Tortorich, Episode 1456. Nov 2019. Link

"Meat 'Sustainability' Myths," Primal Edge Health. Aug 2019. Spotify

"Cow farts are killing the planet! Or are they? A Conversation with Peter Ballerstedt, PhD," Fundamental Health with Paul Saladino MD. Jul 2019. Spotify

"Grass Based Health," The Stag Roar: Life Less Ordinary, Episode 70. Mar 2019. Spotify

"Peter Ballerstedt," Keto Woman, Episode 74. Mar 2019. Spotify  

"Peter Ballerstedt," Diet Doctor Podcast, Episode 13. Feb 2019. Spotify | YouTube   

"Peter Ballerstedt." Human Performance Outliers Podcast, Episode 75. Feb 28 2019. YouTube


"Dr Berry interview Dr Peter Ballerstedt about Ruminants Red Meat 2018." Jan 4 2019. YouTube

"Peter Ballerstedt." The Fat Fueled Family Podcast, Episode 15. Dec 2018. Spotify

"Dispelling Meat Sustainability Myths." Carnivore Cast, Episode 021. Nov 2018. Spotify | Youtube

"Ruminant Nutrition with Peter Ballerstedt." Sustainable Dish, Episode 77. Oct 2018. Link

“We Need Cows with Dr. Peter Ballerstedt.”  Fitness Confidential Podcast with Vinnie Tortorich, Episode 1161. Oct 2018. Link

"Dr Berry interviews Dr Peter Ballerstedt about Ruminants & Red Meat (2018)." Sep 2 2018. YouTube

"Peter Ballerstedt on Cows Being Essential to Environmental and Human Health." Peak Human - Unbiased Nutrition Info for Optimum Health, Fitness & Living, Episode 12. Aug 2018 Spotify 

"Babs Hogan Interviews Peter Ballerstedt, PhD, Ketocon, Austin, 2018." Jul 17 2018. YouTube

"Dr. Peter Ballerstedt." Human Performance Outliers Podcast, Episode 5. Apr 21 2018. YouTube 

"Dr. Peter Ballerstedt- Keto and Where We’ve Gone Wrong." The Tactical Kitchen Show, Episode 008. Apr 2018. Spotify

"Grass Based Health." Inner Fire Podcast. Jan 2018. 
    Part I Link  Thanks, Jimmy! Here's the "sequel" 

    Part II Link


"Dr. Peter Ballerstedt discusses sustainable keto." Ketovangelist by Brian Williamson, Episode 135. Link 

"Sustainable keto." Ballistic Health Podcast, Episode 135. Dec 2017. Link

"A Ruminant Revolution with Dr. Peter Ballerstedt." Future of Agriculture, Episode 077. Nov 2017. Spotify

"Join the Ruminati with Dr. Peter Ballerstedt." 2 Keto Dudes Episode 81. Sep 2017. Spotify 

"Join the Ruminati!" My Sugar Free Journey with Aaron Farmer, Episode 56. Sep 2017. Link

Ketogeek Podcast, Episode 8. Aug 2017.
Part I "Challenging The Dogma & False Claims Against Meat Industry" Spotify
Part II "How Animal Agriculture Can Help The Environment" Spotify 

"Food Politics with Adele Hite and Peter Ballerstedt." Peter Defty's Food for Thought, Episode 29. Jul 2017. Link

"Dr. Peter Ballerstedt – 2016 Low-Carb USA." The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show, Episode 1284. Jul 2017. Spotify

"Peter Ballerstedt PhD: better nutrition through sustainable agriculture." Break Nutrition Episode 18. Jun 2017. Link 


"OFM & the Ruminant Revolution!" Peter Defty Food for Thought. Nov 2016. Link

"Peter Ballerstedt - Forage Agronomist - on the Ruminant Revolution!" The Fat Emperor Podcast. Sep 15 2016 YouTube

"Peter Ballerstedt with John Welbourn." Power Athlete Radio, Episode 152. Apr 2016. Link


"Interview with Dr. Peter Ballerstedt." Mr. N=1. Dec 30 2014. Link


Growing the Perfect Pastures for Your Animal. The Appropriate Omnivore with Aaron Zober, Episode 036. Jan 2013. Link