Friday, October 16, 2020

Encouraging the next generation of forage researchers and farmers

I was given the opportunity to speak to an undergraduate Forages class about the essential role that forages play in today's food systems and how they'll be essential if we're going to meet the needs of 2050.

Link to video -
pdf of slides -

To any forage / animal agriculture instructors - I'm happy to speak remotely and/or share resources for your classes. You're training those who could be part of improving the productivity and efficiency of global ruminant agriculture systems. “Livestock source foods are important if the global nutritional, educational and economic needs are to be met and can be used to feed developing countries out of poverty.”


Saturday, September 5, 2020

When is "Protein" NOT Protein?

Ruminants are critical upcyclers of plant source crude protein into excellent sources of true protein (and other essential nutrients). Here's my attempt to review what should be more widely known about protein in human nutrition...

#Ruminant agriculture is essential to sustainable food systems & sustainable development.
Is the common understanding of "protein" in the human diet correct? Why would this matter?

(Sodfather's still struggling with the speak-into-the-camera thing ... 🤠)

Here's a pdf of my slides -